How To Get Your License Back After A Drink Driving Offence

Plenty of drink driving offenders remain one-time offenders because they learn their lesson and swear not to drive under the influence of alcohol again. After a drink driving offence, an offender is not allowed to drive because they are considered as a threat to the safety of other motorists. However, after 28 days, the license suspension would be lifted. But then, it is not as simple as giving the license back to the offender once the clock strikes 12 on the assigned end date of the suspension, there is still a process to go through in order to have the license restored. There are actually five important steps to the process for license restoration.

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First, the offender must attend the local Magistrates Court before the end of the license disqualification period. You must supply the court with a copy of the infringement notice or perhaps a driving history, and them lodge an application for license restoration.Third, the court will assign a hearing date which is 28 days after the application is filed. Filing the said application early is definitely an advantage for those who want to have their licenses restored soon after the suspension period.

Fourth, while waiting for the day of the hearing, the offender must complete a Drink Driver Education Course which is offered by plenty of groups within the area. By the end of the sail course, a certificate of attendance will be given which is to be presented to the court. Also, the offender must attend a police interview which usually takes place a week before the hearing date.The five important steps to the process are likewise applicable to repeat offenders; but, they must comply with an added requirement which is to go through a drink driving assessment during the 28-day period before the hearing date.

Knowing these important steps are very important for you not to be confused on what to do first once you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol. You have to put all these steps in your mind so you can get your licence quickly and properly. The bottom line is that you must not drive when you are drunk – it does not just put your life in danger but also the other people who are about to be injured or worst, die because of you.