TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Now and again we overlook how quick the mechanical world moves – only ten years prior YouTube didn’t exist, yet now in 2014 it forms right around 2 long periods of film each second. Such immense prevalence makes it an ideal objective for programmers to mediate and cause some harm. This is the thing that we’ve seen for the current week with another infection known as TubeMate YouTube Downloader (com13.TubeMate.Youtube.Downloader).

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

This infection emulates a true blue application known as TubeMate, which enables clients to download YouTube recordings for disconnected playback. tubemate youtube downloader apk is a repackaged adaptation of this application with a similar usefulness, yet accompanies more than 2MB of additional malware and promoting.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader assaults clients in an assortment of ways. Most importantly, it introduces a few promoting stages onto the gadget, a significant number of which are known to convey hostile and meddling adverts.

Second, it adds alternate way connects to the gadget homescreen and introduced programs. These alternate ways for the most part prompt conniving application stores or are conveyance systems for advance malware.

Third, it every now and again pushes warning messages into the notice window. These are created notwithstanding when the gadget is in standby mode, which channels battery life and can harm the battery on the off chance that it carries on for an extensive stretch of time.

At last, and most alarmingly, it transfers your telephone number and geolocation data to a remote server. It’s indistinct what this data is being utilized for, yet it could likewise trade off clients’ close to home data and protection.

So far we’ve seen the greater part of the contaminations originating from the center east, with Iraq enduring the most, yet clients from all nations are in danger. The programmers behind this malware can without much of a stretch repackage and disseminate it keeping in mind the end goal to all the more adequately target Europe or America. Recently in truth we recognized a change live on Google Play calling itself TubeMate YouTube Download HD, yet don’t yet have disease insights for this variation.

Protecting yourself

– Only download applications from confided in sources such a Google Play

– Deal with malware promptly. On the off chance that you’ve been tainted by tubemate youtube video downloader, uninstall the application and expel any alternate routes or bookmarks it made, at that point run an antivirus filter on your gadget.

– Install a portable security application on your gadget. We suggest utilizing our own particular CM Security, it’s free on Google Play.

You can locate some more specialized insights about this malware in our discussion post here.